Friday, 8 January 2010

Berlin 2009-2010 New Year

I was in Berlin to see in the New Year, heres a few of the highlights, enjoy, Cue long and tedious slide show, jus kidding...

Graffiti - it's a way of life in Berlin...

The City - Reichstag, The Gate, The Holocaust Momorial

While I was out and about I managed to stop by at a few shops, shout-outs to the following stores: Wood Wood, Overkill and Solebox, I also got to see Adidas's Make Your Own Studio at the Adidas Store in Berlin...

Happy New Year Everyone and thanks for all your support, hope you like the blog and hope you have an awesome 2010, and don't forget to keep checking the blog ;)

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  1. happy new year! it was interesting to read! :)



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