Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Stanley Kubricks New York


We are all familiar with Stanley Kubrick's film directing acumen. But in fact Kubrick’s special skill behind the camera and his ability to create visual intrigue were evident long before he was a Hollywood icon. Even at the age of 17, Kubrick was an immense talent. In 1945, for $25, he sold a photograph to Look magazine of a broken-hearted newsvendor reacting to the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. A few months later Kubrick joined Look’s staff to become the youngest staff photographer in the magazine’s history. He continued to work for Look until 1950 when he left to pursue filmmaking. Now hand picked from 10,000 Kubrick Negatives 25 have been chosen to be made available in print form via V+M. I can't think of a better christmas present for anyone interested in photography/film or the creative arts, such a brilliant piece of history...




Gourmet 'The Dignan'

Inspired by the final scene from the 2009 film 'The Departed' the Dignan is exactly the type of design idea you would expect from Gourmet and it's already firmly dividing opinion. Which in my opinion is exactly why I love this shoe already. It's probably not going to win prizes for looks but as a concept I think its brilliant. It definitely something that will turn heads and get the grey matter working. This is the kind of forward thinking footwear that the industry should be inviting after a 2011 of retros and reworks I think this is a promising look at some really brand new ideas for 2012. Great work Gourmet...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Comme Des Garcons Embossed Stitched Wallet


If like me you prefer a slimmer cut of jeans/trousers then you may have also have had what I have coined 'wallet issues'. By this I mean the ridiculous square bulge that is created by a congested Christmas wallet. Downsizing is the only way forward. On that note this Comme Des Garcons wallet is not only perfectly small without being useless. But with construction in grey butter soft leather with embossed/stitched detailing this is a great everyday wallet which also reminds you to clear out those receipts that linger like an unwanted sprout...

Patta x Asics Gel Saga II


Patta have built their reputation not only by a long standing love for sneakers and the culture but also in collaborations with absolutely sublime results and consistency which is arguably unrivalled by any other company. Its hard to find fault with any of their previous footwear efforts. With Asics steam rollering 2010/11 with their almightly Gel Lyte III it seems with a little help from RF and the Patta Boys the Gel Saga II will have its own days in the sunshine. These are very much a sequel to their original 2007 Gel Lytes with an almost identical palette but a multi tonal black upper this time sees minimal usage of the green/red highlights and allows the silhouette to be the star. This is very much a sign of the times but I though simple I can't help looking at the textures and accents and thinking they have nailed it again...



Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nonnative x New Balance CM997


Nonnative are in my opinion one of the best brands out there right now you only need to look at their current collection to want to remortgage your house to buy it all. This preview of their upcoming collaboration with the mighty New Balance is absolutely beautiful. Taking inspiration from the shifting sand dunes of Morocco the multi tonal upper alone is epic but with the addition of the splash of persian blue on the outsole this really does take this colorway to a whole new level. Available in early January this will be my first purchase of 2012 for sure, this is a seriously top notch shoe and it deserves major appreciation...



Friday, 18 November 2011

Cool Cats x SUPER W Sunglasses


To name your brand Cool Cats you not only have to have some big cojones but also be able to deliver on said claim. Luckily this group have got both covered in abundance. With the tragic loss of DJ Mehdi from the crew 2 months ago its nice to see the camp bringing the positivity back with this funky little release. Taking the already popular 'W' model from the Super range and adding a tongue and cheek lens design which gives birth to the Sunglasses which adorn their own Cats logo. I think this is an extremely good brand match and concept. Although wearability is possibly an issue this is a great little collaboration with alot of heart. Available in Matt or Shiny Black frames now from Cool Cats and Super direct...



Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Totally Flecked...


I'm really loving the ready availability of interesting fabrics and textures in current mens fashion. The flecked look is both very popular and very rewarding when worn right. I think for me what is exciting about pieces like these is that they are never boring they are different from every angle just as they are different when viewed from afar to close proximity. There is always something going on which means they are far more engaging for the eye and can really upgrade an outfit no matter how subtly...







Monday, 14 November 2011


The overshirt is becoming one of my favourite pieces of clothing on the market right now, I purchased one a few months ago on the cheap and have hardly taken it off they are so versatile and after watching the Bill Cunningham film this week it has only increased my allure for them. It is not only useful all year round but looks great as an outerwear piece or simply for layering. There are currently 3 particular favourites of mine on the market and they all comes with a high pedigree, very robust construction and great detailing.

DoverStreetMarket x Bleu De Paname


Bleu De Paname bring their parisian style to London's premier shopping experience and collaborate on their Veste de Comptoir jacket. Premium in every sense of the word.

Natural Selection Denim Gas Flap


NS Denim have already garnered a huge amount of fans in their short lifespan. This Workwear inspired overshirt is a great colour it has even better buttons and detailing, this shirt will probably outlast you.

D.S.Dundee Moleskin Overshirt


This is definately more heavy than the previous two but it was this particular Tumeric colour that got me hooked. Proving Moleskin isn't just for your granddad.

British Remains Creepers

After an initial collection of interesting graphic t-shirts the British Remains brand has remained on my radar but has failed to impress with subsequent releases. This however is their first foray into footwear and they have definitely redeemed themselves. The Creeper is iconically British and refers to the suede boots with crepe soles that were worn by Soldiers based in North Africa during World War II known for their durability and comfort. After the war was over the soldiers returned and so did the footwear being adopted by the Teddys and Dandies. This modern take on the idea with the Derby shape is excellently finished in Black Suede with tan leather lining. I particularly like the ridged midsole which contrasts against the black really well and acts as a division above the crepe sole. I'm glad this brand is back on track and I hope they continue down this creative route. The Creepers are available now at Goodhood...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Common Projects: New Editions


Common Projects without a doubt create the most understated but incredibly luxury sneakers on the market right now and news that they are to launch a diffusion line is music to my ears. By ditching the premium leather and using canvas for the outerskin CP have created a more casual collection but still very much in keeping with their previous works. But these are far from a simple downgrade. With the addition of Vibram soles and leather lining for comfort the New Editions line will not only be an affordable everyday sneaker but also still maintain the luxury feel and aesthetics which make CP products so continually desirable, expect these to release Spring 2012 at all CP stockists...




Flying Rhinos


This is an amazing video chronicling the WWF's Black Rhino Range Expansion Project. Relocating endangered Black Rhinos by transporting them upside down by helicopter to secret locations establishing new populations throughout South Africa and increasing their range by over 150,000 hectares. Such great visuals and a very important project if we want to be able to see these wonderful animals in years to come, take a look...

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New Balance 996 Black/Grey


After the buzz of the Salmon Toe release what next for Ronnie Fieg and Kith NYC. Well with the official store opening only two days away are quickly building a formidable repertoire. Although the Kith Set are marking their launch with two custom New Balance colorways on the American made 574 model something else has caught my eye. I previewed these New Balance 996's back in May 2010, so i'm not sure where these have been hiding since but I have not seen them on offer anywhere else since. I love the use of the black leather on the upper which splits the purple suede and gives it the feeling of a saddle shoe, this coupled with the really good quality grey mesh which is one of my favourite features on any good New Balance these are the perfect winter colorway, and are available now via KithNYC online...



Friday, 4 November 2011

Vans Vault Chukka Bardenas LX


Falling somewhere between casual and formal this relative newbie into the Vans line up gets a luxury makeover for its first Vault outing. The coffee colorway is the main attraction with the all black version failing to impress. The brick red sole having a Mark McNairy feel and with leather laces to match the premium leather upper these have a very autumnal feel and since i've been looking for something with a desert boot feel recently these could fill the void...

Nonnative SS12 Collection


I find it increasingly hard to write about each passing collection from Nonnative without sounding like I am in some way being blackmailed by them into writing excellent reviews, but the fact is they have been producing alarming quality collections so consistently its virtually impossible to grumble about anything except for the price and with product which is good as this even that seems like an innate argument. Lightweight fabrics allow for some fine layering without being too bulky for the warmer months and I really love the use of colour blocking with several pieces in similar colours but with varied textures and fabrics. Showcasing design, functionality and style this collection is hugely accomplished and I guess its time for me to start saving for the release in 2012...





Steven Alan Crossover V-Neck Sweater


Thick patterned knitwear is a hard one to get right, you don't want to end up looking like your wearing your Nan's knitted christmas jumper but you also want to add a little more game to your winter wardrobe. This Steven Alan V-neck could be your go to piece, although im more of a round neck guy this one is particularly inoffensive as a neck line. It is a heavy knit so its guaranteed not to let you down in the cold and i'm hoping like me you agree that the pattern although it is bold also makes for some pretty interesting winter knitwear, available now from Garbstore...


Air Jordan III 'Black Cement'


The Air Jordan III is what a would call a seminal sneaker, one of such brilliant aesthetics it is hard to describe it in mortal words. And this colorway is arguably the best in its long history. Although this is a retro release and thus it will be missing the original Nike Air rear logo which the Jumpman now adorns, it will be missing the superior leather and build quality of the originals. What they will not be missing is the nostalgia, the grey/black and red colorway with the iconic elephant print, the silhouette which helped Jordan to his 1988 Dunk Championship win and helped create the iconic Mars Blackmon. These shoes are without a doubt in my top 5 of all time and on release represented a new era in sneaker design and in recent times have remerged still as strong as they day they were first debuted. Make sure you don't miss out on these believe me you will end up wishing you hadn't...

Beard by Matt Rainwaters


I have been waiting for the right time to post this, and as we seem to be well into the claws of winter it became apparent that the time was here. Although the popularity of facial hair has boomed over the last few years it seems that the shine may be wearing off. I have always been a fan of facial hair which is probably in some way down to the fact my dad has always had a beard and I now do aswell (this is mainly to stop anyone realising that without it I look like a 12 year old but this is beside the point) because of this I quickly realised the effort and maintenance involved in a beard. Then around 6 months back I came across 'Beard' a collection by Matt Rainwaters which portrays the winners/losers and the inbetweeners at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Alaska during the spring of 2009. These guys are seriously into beards and I give them massive respect, the problem is which one to choose for my winter growth....







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