Monday, 14 November 2011


The overshirt is becoming one of my favourite pieces of clothing on the market right now, I purchased one a few months ago on the cheap and have hardly taken it off they are so versatile and after watching the Bill Cunningham film this week it has only increased my allure for them. It is not only useful all year round but looks great as an outerwear piece or simply for layering. There are currently 3 particular favourites of mine on the market and they all comes with a high pedigree, very robust construction and great detailing.

DoverStreetMarket x Bleu De Paname


Bleu De Paname bring their parisian style to London's premier shopping experience and collaborate on their Veste de Comptoir jacket. Premium in every sense of the word.

Natural Selection Denim Gas Flap


NS Denim have already garnered a huge amount of fans in their short lifespan. This Workwear inspired overshirt is a great colour it has even better buttons and detailing, this shirt will probably outlast you.

D.S.Dundee Moleskin Overshirt


This is definately more heavy than the previous two but it was this particular Tumeric colour that got me hooked. Proving Moleskin isn't just for your granddad.

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