Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Oliver Spencer SS12 Collection


London Fashion Week is over for another year and although there were a few mens shows notably Hardy Amies and James Small it was the Oliver Spencer Collection that really did it for me. Colour is always a major contributor to my affection for a collection and this has the perfect balance of colours for me. In design the looks combined some crisp tailoring along with lightweight knitwear and a selection of gillets and shackets which I will be looking out for come the spring, overall it was really on point...





Howlin' by Morrison

Howlin1 Howlin1

Although I was a believer that fairisle had run its course until I found this knitwear collection from Morrison. Howlin' has both heavy knits and heavy patterns which altogether adds up to a perfectly proportioned winter collection. Widely available already at End, Oi Polloi and others now...


Our Legacy AW11 Lookbook


Our Legacy have been a phenomenon since they arrived on the seen in 2009, going from strength to strength with each collection. I have been looking forward to this having already purchased several pieces from their previous collections. This collection has a very comfortable feel about it, the shirting and tailoring are great. The looks have been put together really well and the laid back style of the lookbook echoes the collection itself overall proving that the brand is a now established and comfortable doing what they want to do with their clothing...




Monday, 19 September 2011

Dries Van Noten Oxford Sneaker


Back in July I featured the SS12 Footwear collection from Dries Van Noten. Tres Bien Shop have started to get the first arrivals from the collection with this aubergine hybrid being one of the many highlights. Although it is neither shoe or sneaker it retains the best elements of both and would not look out of place with sharp sartorial or weekend casual. The price tag is not cheap but given its competition and the quality of the product I don't think it is unreasonable. 2012 won't be the same without these...

Nike MAG, its all over...


Well that's it till 2015 everyone, i'm going to start saving now, but here's a couple of videos about the project and design of the 2011 MAG's to keep you going till then...

Visvim Skagway Estlin


Visvim has become something of a Stella Artois of brands through being both reassuringly expensive but also surprising refreshing. The Skagway is a great silhouette due to its obvious basketball heritage inspirations. This new Estlin incarnation brings lama hide toe caps, edging and heel section in beautiful mahogany. Paired with beige cotton uppers and the iconic distressed outsole they look the bomb and with the Visvim name both quality and individuality are assured...


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Nigel Cabourn Interview for LN-CC

This video is really another brilliant insight into the mind of one of my favourite designers right now as LN-CC take a visit to Nigel Cabourn's studio to look at his AW11 Collection in detail. I admire Nigel's passion for using icon pieces of clothing from the past and not only recreating them but reinventing their look and use for the modern environment, without losing the heritage that made them so interesting originally. Also to see a British designer getting so much worldwide acclaim is a huge inspiration. The sheepskin jacket especially is just superb.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nike Huperfuse Infrared Air Max 90

The infrared is no doubt an all time classic combination of colorway and silhouette. And thanks to hyperfuse technology it has returned for what will for now remain a fleeting appearance. As part of Crooked Tongues annual BBQ 50 pairs of the inevitably highly prized shoes were given away as part of a competition, congratulations to those who made off like bandits while I consoled myself with beer. I really think they look better than the originals, the hyperfuse reduces the bulk and simplifies the lines without losing the panelled look which makes the AM90 so special, unfortunately these are not going to release to the public, not yet anyway...

Ronnie Fieg x Asics 'Salmon Toe'


Out of all the Ronnie Fieg x Asics collaborations over the last few years none have been more coveted by myself than the 'Salmon Toes'. Having been a sample pair that were given away via his blog it is a colorway that blew my mind. I had all but resided myself to the chance of ever owning these until this week. As part of RF's new store project they will see a general release along with the 'Leather Backs'. Enjoy the teaser and the shot that started my obsession...

Nike 'Marty Mcfly' MAG teaser

Yes yes, by now everyone on the planet has watched this video by now, but for those who haven't peeped the news. Nike have leaked a teaser of what is certain to be one of the most anticipated releases of all time. The Nike MAG of 'Back To The Future' fame is for some the reason that they love trainers for others a distant dream from your childhood. No matter how many previous incarnations and copies we have seen it all comes back to this shoe. I do feel however that the circus surrounding this release and with the technology involved it could all end up being a bit over indulgent. The fact remains I have wanted those shoes since I watched in awe as Mr J Fox pulled them on and they laced themselves but will they actually be wearable or just an expensive trip down memory lane. Lets just see how this pans out...

What a week!!

To follow are sure to be some of the biggest releases this year. Hot off the back of an amazing night at the Crooked Tongues BBQ last Sunday (thanks for another great night guys) came a trio of releases coming our way before the end of 2012, enjoy....

Friday, 2 September 2011

Object Abuse at KK Outlet


I find myself constantly thinking about what could be done with everyday objects other than their original function. It seems im not alone in this thought as the KK Outlet in London starting today are hosting 'Object Abuse' an exhibition to challenge a group of leading artists, designers and stylists to take an everyday object, remould, rebuild and repurpose it to create an entirely new item using as little additional materials as possible. Here is a taster of the event but to get a real taste get down to KK Outlet: 42 Hoxton Square | London | N1 6PB | United Kingdom The Exhibition runs till the 25 September, and all items on show will be for sale with proceeds going to charity...


SUPER 'America' Sunglasses


A staple piece of my accessories wardrobe for a couple of years now has been the SUPER Flat Tops, I literally take them with me every wear. Since I purchased these I have watched the company grow and they now have such a wide range of frames colours it literally makes choosing another pair a daunting prospect. But with the release of their newest frame the America I think I may have found my next gem. I think what SUPER do best is taking a well established shape and given it a modern update and these have a seasoning of American heritage and conjure scenes from Reservoir Dogs and Old School Johnny Cash, but don't shout trying to hard like a Wayfarer. Coming in three great colour schemes I still might have to plump for Black on Black...


Gitman Brothers 'Polar Expedition' Shirt


No one quite makes shirts like Gitman Brothers make shirts. This could not be more evident when looking at their AW11 and SS12 Collections and this 'Polar Expedition' Shirt has everything it has an unusual and crazy pattern yet manages to be subtle due to the colours and printing techniques. It has all important Gitman Button Down Collar and is guaranteed to have quality in its construction. Given the trend for the patterned shirt right now it is a great time to pick up something that has true longevity like this rather than waste money on something you will not wear next year, available now via Garbstore...

Henderscheme 'Homage' Series


Japanese brand Henderscheme have been producing handmade shoes since. In their new collection the pay 'Homage' to some of the greatest sneaker silhouettes ever designed. Re-creating them in the same unique handmade way as the rest of their collection. The collection is reminiscent of the Sak x Converse collaborations of the last couple of years especially when looking at the outsole. With the Nike Air Force 1, Vans Era and my favourites the Adidas Superstar which take on a completely different shape due to the leather construction of the toe box this is a seriously nice collection which not only pays tribute but makes you seriously think about the value of the quality and craftsmanship with which these are built and is a serious step away from the current mass production ethos.


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