Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nike 'Marty Mcfly' MAG teaser

Yes yes, by now everyone on the planet has watched this video by now, but for those who haven't peeped the news. Nike have leaked a teaser of what is certain to be one of the most anticipated releases of all time. The Nike MAG of 'Back To The Future' fame is for some the reason that they love trainers for others a distant dream from your childhood. No matter how many previous incarnations and copies we have seen it all comes back to this shoe. I do feel however that the circus surrounding this release and with the technology involved it could all end up being a bit over indulgent. The fact remains I have wanted those shoes since I watched in awe as Mr J Fox pulled them on and they laced themselves but will they actually be wearable or just an expensive trip down memory lane. Lets just see how this pans out...

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