Friday, 4 November 2011

Beard by Matt Rainwaters


I have been waiting for the right time to post this, and as we seem to be well into the claws of winter it became apparent that the time was here. Although the popularity of facial hair has boomed over the last few years it seems that the shine may be wearing off. I have always been a fan of facial hair which is probably in some way down to the fact my dad has always had a beard and I now do aswell (this is mainly to stop anyone realising that without it I look like a 12 year old but this is beside the point) because of this I quickly realised the effort and maintenance involved in a beard. Then around 6 months back I came across 'Beard' a collection by Matt Rainwaters which portrays the winners/losers and the inbetweeners at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Alaska during the spring of 2009. These guys are seriously into beards and I give them massive respect, the problem is which one to choose for my winter growth....






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