Monday, 14 November 2011

British Remains Creepers

After an initial collection of interesting graphic t-shirts the British Remains brand has remained on my radar but has failed to impress with subsequent releases. This however is their first foray into footwear and they have definitely redeemed themselves. The Creeper is iconically British and refers to the suede boots with crepe soles that were worn by Soldiers based in North Africa during World War II known for their durability and comfort. After the war was over the soldiers returned and so did the footwear being adopted by the Teddys and Dandies. This modern take on the idea with the Derby shape is excellently finished in Black Suede with tan leather lining. I particularly like the ridged midsole which contrasts against the black really well and acts as a division above the crepe sole. I'm glad this brand is back on track and I hope they continue down this creative route. The Creepers are available now at Goodhood...

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