Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Patta x Asics Gel Saga II


Patta have built their reputation not only by a long standing love for sneakers and the culture but also in collaborations with absolutely sublime results and consistency which is arguably unrivalled by any other company. Its hard to find fault with any of their previous footwear efforts. With Asics steam rollering 2010/11 with their almightly Gel Lyte III it seems with a little help from RF and the Patta Boys the Gel Saga II will have its own days in the sunshine. These are very much a sequel to their original 2007 Gel Lytes with an almost identical palette but a multi tonal black upper this time sees minimal usage of the green/red highlights and allows the silhouette to be the star. This is very much a sign of the times but I though simple I can't help looking at the textures and accents and thinking they have nailed it again...



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