Monday, 15 February 2010

Fashion House Influence

Thanks to Kanye Wests exploits into the game last year, we have seen more and more of the fashion houses entering the industry with designs to lure in the heads. Although the purests don't want to see this happen it was an inevitable step in the industry once we were prepared to queue for hours to pay £150 for a pair of Nikes.

There is a definate upside to this new trend. Now that we have all this money from the top design houses flooding into shoes we are starting to see the knock down effect into the designs at the affordable end of the market. The Mark Ronson collection with Gucci looks to have influenced Onitsuka Tiger this year:

And the louis vuitton Kanye collaboration has inspired countless features in recent designs, below the be-tassled Adidas Nizza and Hanon's Reebok VCMP Stomper

I'm sure we'll see plenty more influences from the high end market, and this is just the beggining and I say spread the wealth...

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