Friday, 21 October 2011

Undercover x Nike Gyakusou AW11 Collection


The Undercover x Nike Gyakusou collection moves into its 3rd generation and with each iteration comes a new excitement such is the expectation of this collections quality. Thankfully the good news is the team have once again delivered a superb collection. It was hard see where improvements could be made to what was an almost perfect running collection both technically and aesthetically last time round and for the most part this collection is not as ground breaking as its predecessors but after raising the bar to such a great height it is not difficult to see why. With design centred around mobility and functionality, an interesting warm autumn colour palette including various beautiful shades of slate and fairly extensive assortment of pieces from headwear all the way down to footwear I cannot fault the collection overall and long may this collaboration continue because it really has brought out the best from both brands. Available now at 1948 and from tomorrow at all other UK stockists...







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