Thursday, 17 February 2011

February: Spring in the Suburbs

At the turn of the year I said I wanted to start to put a bit more personal input into the blog. So here is the first of 11 posts one a month which will hopefully give you an idea of my style and what i'd like to be wearing this month. One of the reasons I love looking at blogs is for inspiration so I hope this does that for you...

Aesop Deoderant

Spring is a beautful season but often it can be frustrating one minute its freezing the next your sweating through your layers, so with this in mind Aesop claim to have created the ultimate deoderant,

Our Legacy Shirt & Sweater

Our Legacy is a great yound brand with fresh ideas and each season they seem to improve, this shirt and sweater are perfect for spring. The striped shirt can also be found in blue and I just love it because its different from a standard chambray, the sweater is a classic piece and im loving green right now.

Fallow Jeans

I like to support good british brands. Fallow is definately one of them, their denim is hard wearing, comfortable and most importantly great to look at!

A.P.C. Hooded Parka

Lightweight Parka's are perfect for spring when winter jackets may be too heavy and hot, these cover in the event of a shower but are breathable when the sun peeps out afterwards. Great tabacco colour too.

Uniform Wares 201 Watch

Great watch, the brown strap links in with the shoes and this watch will look as good with a hoody as a business suit, interchangable style.

Common Projects Achilles

Masters of simplicity, Common Projects SS11 collection is stunning, I love this pair in so many ways, gum soles are huge right now and they work brilliantly next to the soft tan nappa uppers, brilliant.

Inventory x Inverallen Knit Beanie

This is definately alot of money to shell out on a beanie, but there are plenty of other options available, I just like the injection of bright colour into the outfit.

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