Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Statue Of Liberty Nike SB Dunk Pro

Nike SB releases over the last few years have been largely dissapointing with the high quality well thought out designs of old replaced with quick production fad colorways based increasingly on poor concepts. For the most part this year it seems that SB have returned to form. The quality and design process especially on the new Koston model and the New Dunk Pro are significantly better. As for concepts; included in the next Spring drop is the Statue of Liberty Dunk obviously named for its colour scheme but more interestingly is its build. The green patina colour of the iconic statue is caused by the oxidation process of the copper construction, likewise the top layer of colour on these dissapears with wear to reveal the copper/silver colour beneath, its a brilliant idea and brings a new twist to the old question do these look better worn or box fresh, the decision is yours but damn I love these...

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