Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nike x Tiger Woods Free


The Nike Innovation Kitchen, the stuff of dream but alas the place where some thought things had gone stale. I must admit given the huge resurrection of much 'lesser brands' it was easy to say Nike has fallen off the the radar somewhat in the sneaker market. But I think what has happened is probably almost the opposite. By taking a step back from the continually saturating market I feel Nike has once again risen to the top because not because of extra money but because of experience. Given the rate of current releases by competing brands it seems Nike has taken the foot off the accelerator to concentrate on what in most cases is the most important thing the quality of the product. Yes they are still continually dipping into the archives and dishing out what the general populous are feeding on and why not. But they are also taking the initiative and creating the future of footwear. Take the Nike x Tiger Woods Free shoe, taking a concept from a running shoe and pitching it into a new environment (no pun intended). I really wholeheartedly love this shoe, I think it looks crazy but in a good way and more importantly is pushing the boundaries of footwear design...


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