Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Missoni x Converse Auckland Racer AW12


Many of you might have noticed the original version of this sneaker gracing my Top 10 of 2011, but to my dismay as with many collaborations they never saw release. But having garnered serious amounts of interest over the last 6 months their second iteration debued down the catwalk in Milan and will release this October and I simply cannot wait. It does however seem their may be a slightly more romantic scenario for the release of this shoe in 2012 the London Olympic year. The last time the games came to London in 1948, Ottavio “Tai” Missoni, an international athlete and track suit maker qualified for the finals of the 400m hurdle race and went on to meet Rosita Jelmini at Wembley. They married in April 1953, and five years later showed their first Missoni collection together. The rest is history. I love the woven wool upper against the pure white sole, it is a great contrast and as always the pattern is perfectly busy, this is definitely on my to buy list for 2012...



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  1. Ray Banはアクセサリーと同じの効果を持て、とうとう大スターになっているというのだ。レイバン aviator一本をかけて、変身でも出来るでしょう。特に今の若者たちに、そういうような考え方は少なくないそうだ。



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