Friday, 27 April 2012

Lightning Bolt Baracuda Jacket


The origins of the Lightning Bolt Surfboard can be tracked back to 1968 when Jack Shipley met Gerry Lopez while mutually shaping for Surfline Hawaii. The Bolt became an icon of the revolution of shortboard surfing. Their clothing brand is a far more recent endeavour but with the rise in popularity of brands such as Saturday Surf NYC their new found popularity is not unsurprising. While their collection comprises mostly of staples such as boardshorts, t-shirts and vests they have had a habit over the last couple of seasons to produce gems such as their Baracuda Jacket for SS12. In a beautiful honey yellow, falling somewhere between a varsity jacket and a windbreaker. The beautiful cotton/nylon construction material really distinguishes this from the crowd and the colour is crazy, available now from Oi Polloi...



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