Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nike Dunk AC Premium TZ AW11

Nike Dunk AC TZ AW11

If your starting to think a running theme of tan leather is from my recent posts, this is not a conscious decision to promote this material but more of a trend that seems to be from a whole host of brands for the upcoming months. I had no choice but to post these because I have an always will be a massive fan of the Dunk AC since its release, the don't mess with a classic mentality has no place in my agenda, I have a rather simple like it or don't like it policy. This AW11 model seems more refined than previous attempts, the outsole is pure white with no accented outline and it seems they have taken away the texturing on the toe also. With an all leather tan upper and black laces this is the cleanest looking Dunk I have seen, they are also available in black but in my opinion the tan colorway is far superior...

Nike Dunk AC TZ AW11

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