Thursday, 7 July 2011

Shins and Cheeks Exhibition

Shins and Cheeks 1

This years Bright Tradeshow in Berlin will play host to 'Shins & Cheeks' a collection of portraits of skateboarders by Jo Hempel & Gunnar Nicolaus. Anyone who has ever been seriously interested in skateboarding will be well aware of the cuts/bruises and altogether damage the board can cause to the shins of the rider during the tricks that don't go according to plan. This collection completely immerses you in the relationship between the faces and shins of 96 skateboarders from all over europe. The combination of the two features brilliantly shot in revealing lighting leaves you wondering: which legs belong to which face? What do the faces belonging to the respective legs look like? As a whole the project depicts the passion as well as the passionate endurance of this sport. It presents the different characters, who all have one thing in common: their love for the board, even though it may be painful. See the collection for yourself at:

The Bright Tradeshow 7 - 9 July, Stasi Headquarters Haus18, Normannenstrasse 19, 10365, Berlin...

Shins and Cheeks 2

Shins and Cheeks 3

Shins and Cheeks 4

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