Saturday, 18 February 2012

Casio G-Shock GW-3000BB Leatherback


My University days were spent frequenting the streets of Leeds and HIP Store was where a decent majority of my quarterly student loan spendings went on the day they came in. It is therefore nice to see they are getting some major exclusives instore and getting the love they deserve. Which brings me to the tasty treat above. In collaboration with G-Shock fashion photographer and editorial contributor to Men's File Magazine Nick Clements has created the GW-3000BB Leatherback. The inspiration for this unique timepiece comes from early aviation instruments worn by flight crew on the wrist. The detailing is superb with a full grain leather strap and snap over casing. The strap is slightly longer than a standard wrist strap, for a proper fit over a bomber jacket or flight suit. I think this is an amazing well thought out and executed project, they will be limited to 50 pieces and available at HIP, and also I just found out at the Garbstore now...



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  1. レイバン RB3460を買った彼、最近毎日それが夢中で、掛けっぱなし状態。そのせいで、サングラスあんまり使わない私も、Ray Ban サングラスなら欲しいと思うようになった。来月、レイバン RB3025を買って、ゴールデンウィークに掛けって、旅行に行きたい!



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