Thursday, 9 February 2012

Engineered Garments Paisley Camp Shirt


Paisley is a pattern which has made a monumental return to designers arsenal in recent seasons and I have already been won over on the pocket squares and ties front. But when it comes to full paisley garments I have never been a huge fan. This is why I was surprised to find myself returning several times to this both Engineered Garments Paisley Camp Shirt. Holiday season for me is just around the corner and im currently on the hunt for short sleeved shirts (partially inspired by the Acne shirt I posted last week). This may surprise you but I don't currently own any short sleeved shirts at all, I prefer to roll my sleeves up. But I think variety is always a good thing therefore this one is on my hit list I can't think of anything looking sharper than this with a nice simple pair of shorts and some new common projects...

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