Friday, 24 February 2012

Nike HTM Flyknit


Primarily I created this blog to showcase my love of trainers, I have over the last couple of years steered towards other areas of fashion and lifestyle. But I still have a continued love of the creative process and innovation of footwear so it is nice when I am pulled back into the field that brought me to this point in the first place. And the Nike HTM Flyknit collection is just the project to do it, heralding a collision of old and new. By taking processes garnered from knitwear and the continuing innovation of flywire material Nike have been able to create a material which is super lightweight, breathable, superbly well fitting and comfortable. They are calling it the perfect running shoe which is probably a bit premature but it easy to see why there is alot of buzz surrounding this product line. They are easily my favourite looking shoe since the free runs and I love how the Flyknit adds a depth of texture that mesh cannot match, I cannot wait to see how this will be used across the rest of the Nike ranges and to get a pair onto my feet and out on the running trail...






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